Short Break From Gambling: Online Time Out

Short Break From Gambling: Online Time Out

A short break from gambling is no bad thing.

Whether it’s a day or two here and there, a regularly scheduled time out or a big chunk, it’s always good to take time off.

And if you gamble online, most sites have the option for you to impose a time out on your account to take a short break whenever you fancy it. Of course you could do it without the help of an online tool, but we find it handy to set it to make it a little more official in our minds.

Budget your time as well as your dosh

When you think about gambling, you might think about the money you spend on it. However, you should always think about the time too. It’s good to spend time doing something you like and if that’s gambling, that’s okay.

Having said that, it should definitely not be the only thing you do. An hour here or there every once in a while is all you should be spending on gambling. So setting formal time outs during the times you want or need to be doing something else is smart.

Take anything from 24 hours to 30 days off gambling

Online time outs are great because they’re flexible. You can decide how long your short break from gambling should be. You can set pre-determined limits of between 24 hours and 30 days. Or you can go custom. Custom timeouts give you the option to start and end at a particular time. Plus they can be recurring.

So, for example, if you want to take a short break from gambling every weekend, you could set your time out to start at 6pm on Friday and finish at 6pm on Sunday. Or alternatively, set it for the working week.

The only way to turn off a time out? Wait it out!

During an online gambling time out, you can’t just change your mind and switch it off. Which, to us, is a good thing. It means that you’re committed to your break. If you could turn it off, we think it wouldn’t be really worth setting it in the first place.

While you’re getting your short break from online gambling, you can’t place any bets or deposit. However, you will be able to log in and withdraw at any time, if you like.

But if you want to prolong your time out, you can do that at any time during an active time out.

I think I have a gambling problem

A time out is really useful for the average punter. But we have to stress that time outs aren’t a solution for problem gambling. If you think you have a problem or you’re at risk of developing one, you should get help.

The first step is to self-exclude from all of your online gambling sites. Then get help from a local gambling help organisation. If you’re in the UK, visit Be Gamble Aware or ring them on 0808 8020 133.

If you’re based in a different country, you can find a gambling help organisation near you.

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Author: Joseph Gray