Protect Yourself Gambling Addict – UK Online Casino Reviews

Protect Yourself Gambling Addict - UK Online Casino Reviews

If your loved one has a gambling problem, that problem suddenly becomes everyone else’s problem. So it’s time that you protect yourself from a gambling addict, even if that addict is someone you really love.

Protect yourself from a gambling addict

Protect yourself from a gambling addict financially

It’s true that one of the main signs of gambling addiction is out of control finances. Once your loved one has burned through their own money, they might start coming to you for help in the form of loans or even stealing

They could also take out loans or credit cards in your name.

It is essential that you try to avoid this situation from arising. In order to protect your finances, you should always keep all your personal bank account pin numbers and passwords private. If you have joint finances, put controls in place so that they can’t access them without your explicit permission. You should also take complete control of the household budget and keep an eye on all expenditures. Make sure you’re paying all the essential bills. Don’t trust your loved one to do it.

You should also make sure you see the post coming into the home first, so that any applications for loans or credit cards can be intercepted by you first.

Have the difficult conversations

You need to protect yourself from a gambling addict who is behaving badly. It’s important that you put your foot down and you’re clear about the behaviours you won’t accept from them. The clearer you are as early as possible, the better the chance you have of them respecting those boundaries.

It is also helpful for you too. Once you’ve articulated it and made a plan, if those boundaries are overstepped, you can act accordingly. Whether that’s moving out, or stepping away from the situation.

Protect your mental health

Keeping yourself on an even keel is essential to making sure that you get through this difficult time. It’ll also make it easier for your to help your loved one too, trust us.

Confiding in trusted friends or family members can also really help. It’s not a betrayal of your loved one to talk about their problem with others. You need to share the burden too, as it can really affect loved ones.

Make sure that you keep a handle on your mental health. It can really help to talk to people who are experts in this area or who have gone through similar things. There are lots of support services available that can help you do just that.

Of course, if you find yourself increasingly anxious or depressed, it is important that you seek extra mental health support. Your first port of call should be your GP. Once you’ve seen them and have explained the situation, they can refer you to get more help in the form of counselling or therapy. There are lots of different options available, so you should be able to find something to suit you and your situation.

Author: Joseph Gray