Predict Your Way To £1m With Bet365 6 Scores Challenge!

Predict Your Way To £1m With Bet365 6 Scores Challenge!

If somebody offered you a free lottery ticket each week for a top prize of £1,000,000, then you’d take it, right?

Well, if you decide to put your football prediction skills to the test, then you can enter the Bet365 Sport 6 Scores Challenge competition each week, completely for free, and with a chance of a top prize of £1,000,000 to be won!

However, don’t despair. Unlike some football prediction games, which only offer a top prize, bet365’s 6 Scores Challenge offers you a chance to win a number of consolation prizes for guessing the score correctly in up to six games each weekend.

Along with the bet365 Goals Giveaway promotion, which we looked at earlier this year, and the exciting new Fantasy Sports offerings, this new offer is part of a new range of promotions available on the site right now.

So how does this promotion work, and what do you need to do to participate in it? We will give you all the answers in our preview below.

Man City 2-1 Fulham
Everton 0-2 Leicester

There are still 713 players in with a chance of winning the £1,000,000 6 Scores Challenge jackpot ahead of Sunday’s Premier League action.

— bet365 (@bet365) November 6, 2022

Bet365 Sport 6 Scores Challenge

The Bet365 6 Scores Challenge is a football prediction game that offers a potential jackpot prize of £1,000,000 to anybody that can predict the scorelines of six football matches correctly.

Currently, the offer is set to run until the jackpot is won and whether it will return after that is not yet known, so this is certainly an offer well worth checking out right now.

All you need to play in this free-to-enter promotion, is a valid and eligible bet365 Sport account. You can join today and remember to use our bet365 bonus code when you do to help you claim your generous Welcome Bonus.

Once you have logged in, head to the promotions section and click on the 6 Scores Challenge option. There are links to the promotion dotted all over the bet365 site, and the promotion is also featured on bet365’s social media channels too.

Our £1,000,000 6 Scores Challenge jackpot is still up for grabs!

Predict the scores of this weekend’s matches for a chance to land the top prize.

— bet365 (@bet365) November 7, 2022

Entering Your Predictions

Once you have found the promotional page at bet365 Sport, simply click on the Play button and the coupon to enter the promotion will load up.

On it you will see six different games, together with a mechanism in the middle of each game which allows you to predict what the score will be.

Simply go down the list of games predicting the score for each and then click on the Save your predictions button.

Your predictions are now entered into the competition and you can edit the selections in the same way at any point up until the first game on the coupon is set to kick off.

Once your predictions are entered, it is simply a question of sitting back and waiting to see how they do in that game week.

If you manage to land three or more score predictions correctly, then you will win a cash prize.

The prizes on offer are:

3 scores correct – £54 scores correct – £505 scores correct – £1,0006 scores correct – £1,000,000*

Prizes for three, four and five correct predictions are paid per-player that achieves that total. So if you correctly predict five scores, you will win £1,000 cash.

However, the jackpot prize will be shared between every player that correctly predicts six scores, which means if two people correctly predict 6 scores, they would win £500,000 each.

Of course that means you’d have to be the sole correct predictor of six results to land the million pounds prize.

Remember, there are no guarantees this offer will be back after it has been won, so if you want a free shot at a million pounds, make sure you participate every week the offer is available.

Bet365 Sport 6 Scores Challenge Terms & Conditions

There are some important terms and conditions for the 6 Scores Challenge promotion at bet365, they are listed below:

All key information regarding the 6 Scores Challenge is located on the promotion’s rules page which is located on the site.If you live in a jurisdiction or country where any winnings are eligible for tax, then ensuring the tax authorities are paid is solely the responsibility of the winning player.If there is tax is to be paid on any winnings from this competition, then the prize value displayed will show the amount after the relevant tax deductions have been made to the cash prize.Bet365 has total control over when and how they choose to offer the 6 Scores Challenge and there is no guarantee that the game will be available at any set time or on any particular week. This may include if the game is not available due to technical issues.Bet365 retains the right to accept or decline any customer’s entry into the game for any reason they deem fit.Bet365 may cancel the game, or not allow access to the game, for certain customers.Bet365 may amend or suspend the 6 Scores Challenge at any time.Any individual or group found or believed to be abusing the 6 Scores Challenge bonus will not be allowed to participate in this promotion.

Bet365 Sport 6 Scores Challenge – FAQs

How Much Can I Win On The 6 Scores Challenge?

Prizes on the 6 Scores Challenge range from £5 for three correct score predictions, up to £1,000,000 if you are the only player to predict all six scores correctly on any given game week.

If more than one player correctly predicts all six scores, then the top prize will be shared between all winning players.

Is The 6 Scores Challenge Free To Enter?

Yes, the 6 Scores Challenge is completely free to enter.

You do not even have to have a funded account with bet365 Sport, or to have made a bet. Anyone with an eligible account can participate in the offer for free each time it is available.

Which Is Best Out Of The Sky Super 6 Or Bet365 6 Scores Challenge?

Firstly, both these promotions are free to play, so there is nothing stopping you playing both each week if you have an account with both SkyBet and Bet365 Sport.

However, in our opinion the Bet365 Sport 6 Scores Challenge is the better offer for the following reasons:

£1,000,000 prize available every time the promotion is held (compared to the usual £250,000 for Super 6)Additional Prizes on offer for 3, 4 and 5 correct predictions (no prizes for these achievements on Super 6)Additional Free To Play offers available at bet365 Sport too.

What Happens If More Than One Player Wins The 6 Scores Challenge Jackpot?

In this instance, the jackpot prize of £1,000,000 will be shared between all the players that achieved 6 out of 6 correct score predictions in that competition.

Are The 6 Scores Challenge Prizes Cash Prizes Or Bet Credits?

All prizes offered on the 6 Scores Challenge are cash prizes.

What Is The 6 Scores Challenge Promotion at Bet365?

The 6 Scores Challenge promotion is a free-to-enter prediction game where you predict the scores of six football matches in any game week. Land three or more of your predictions correctly and you can win a cash prize ranging from £5 up to £1,000,000 for all six scores being correctly predicted.

Author: Joseph Gray