Bragging Rights Roulette – Mayfair Casino

Bragging Rights Roulette - Mayfair Casino

Dates: 23 July to 07 October 2022 everyday

Bragging Rights Roulette Tournament Finale: 07 October [email protected]

Weekly Tournaments


Participants must be members of Mayfair Casino Rewards Club.
An entry of R100 buy-in is required to be a participant per session.
Buy-ins will be accepted at Cash Desk from when the casino opens at 10h00 till 18h45.
Sessions will be every day between 10h00 till 19h00.
Each player will be given 3 stacks of colour playing chips to place their bets on each session.
Maximum of 5 participants and a minimum of 1 participant per session is required.
There will be 3 spins per session, participants are/ will be required to play every spin, the participants must place bets with all chips on the last spin. 
After the last spin, participants scores will be updated 
Participants will be required to sign for their scores next to their names (Excel Spreadsheet for record purposes)
A leaderboard will be visible on the Floor Screens, which will be updated every second day with the participants scores. (Will use one of the advertising screens)
The leaderboard will only display 20 participants. Only client numbers will be displayed on the screens not the Names.
Each week, every Saturday leading to the finale, the Top 3 players as per the leaderboard will win a share of R2000 in cash

Position 1,2 & 3 will be selected as a winner.

After the 06 October 2022, the top 20 on the leaderboard will go through to the Finale on the 07 October 2022
During the Finale a total prize of Prize (R30 000) will be shared among the finalists
AR3 will be designated table for the tournament 

Mechanics Finalists:

Participants must be in position of Mayfair Casino Rewards Club
No entry fees (Buy-Ins) required for the finalists on the 07 October 2022. All Finalists will be required to register prior to the Finalists Session at 20h00.
Registration will start from 15h00 to 19h00, registration will be accepted at VIP Reception.
During the Finale, the 20 top players will be divided into 4 groups
Each group will consist of 5 players 
Each player will be given 5 stacks of colour chips to place their bets on finalist’s session.
In each session, the participant with the highest number/value chips will go to the last round of play.
The winner in each session will be judged by highest chip count
The last round of play in the Finale will consist of 4 players, that is 4 x Top spot player from each group

Author: Joseph Gray